What We DO

The Nuclear Stock Association Ltd (NSA) formed in 1953 to provide a method of propagating and distributing healthy, pest and disease-free planting stock of commercially grown fruit varieties to the fruit industry.

Today we achieve this through co-operation with The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the successful operation of the Fruit Propagation Certification Scheme (FPCS) and the voluntary Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS).

The FPCS works to the standards laid down by the EU Certification Scheme and follows the same health grading system. PHPS is a long established voluntary certification scheme, which oversees the certification scheme for Hops. The aim of both schemes is to promote the production and use of certified healthy proven planting material from high quality parent stock.

In addition the NSA oversee the Approved-Health (A-H) grade for soft fruit in England & Wales.

The NSA produces and maintains the highest health pre-basic stock at our facility in Kent, UK. Basic grade stocks are produced by specialist propagators under contract to the NSA. Propagators use these high health stocks as the basis of their multiplication to produce healthy plants in volume for supply to fruit growers. The use of clean healthy stock helps plant and fruit growers to achieve the best performance from a variety minimising the loss from pest, disease and varietal impurities to maximise production.

We are a self-financing non-profit making mutual society.