Terraplanta Ltd

Supporting and investing in new plant production ventures

NSA Ltd has recently established Terraplanta Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary company that will serve as an investment vehicle for NSA and its members.

The aim of Terraplanta Ltd is to identify potential business partners and business opportunities around the world whose activities will complement those of NSA Ltd and Meiosis Ltd. There will be a focus on nursery activities in territories where NSA and Meiosis are not currently active.

Terraplanta will become a minority shareholder in these businesses and offer the opportunity for NSA members to take up a part of the Terraplanta shareholding.

Terraplanta is uniquely placed to offer a range of expertise and services:

  • Access to licences, trials material and the latest in varietal development
  • Access to virus indexed and disease tested, certified mother plants through the parent company NSA Ltd
  • Expertise in licensing, patent and IP management
  • Expertise in nursery and fruit growing techniques
  • Business management services including planning and financial management
  • Access to global perspectives in the fruit world through the NSA/Meiosis network
  • ‘Seed capital’ to assist with set up costs

Please don’t hesitate to contact Terraplanta for further details.

Contact information for TERRAPLANTA LTD:
Email:    meiosis@meiosis.co.uk
Phone:   +44 (0) 1732 872 711
Fax:         +44 (0) 1732 872 712