Meiosis Ltd

The global supply and protection of soft fruit varieties

Meiosis Ltd is part of the NSA group, complementing the work of the NSA.

Meiosis provide a channel of communication between breeders, propagators and growers in the soft fruit industry to maximise the commercial potential of new varieties. We promote promising new selections and progress the best ones to variety status. Additionally, we protect licenced varieties from unlawful propagation and maintain their health to reduce the spread of plant diseases.

Since 1989, we have expanded our portfolio to include over 80 varieties and selections of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and others. These are available for trialling and popular varieties are made available for commercial fruit production.

Operating in over 90 countries across the Globe, we report the performance of plants under different climatic conditions and growing systems. This enables us to better advise the options for soft fruit growers and help them realise their production potential.

We are based in Kent, UK, working in close collaboration with breeders at NIAB-EMR to select ever better strawberry cultivars. We also work closely with the Nuclear Stock Association Ltd to provide a healthy starting point to fruit plant propagation to ensure the supply of pathogen-free soft fruit plants is available for new and commercially grown varieties.

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