New Introductions into the NSA

Malling™ Champion and Malling™ Allure are two new varieties that have entered the NSA at Pre-basic this year. They were bred by the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club (EMSBC) based at NIAB-EMR in Kent.

Malling™ Allure is a late season, June-bearing variety, producing fruit of similar high quality to Malling™ Centenary.

Malling™ Champion is a disease resistant everbearer, with compact plants producing well displayed and easy to pick fruit. Malling™

Malling™ Allure and Malling™ Champion are scheduled to be officially launched at Fruit Focus in 2019 and licensed propagators are currently building up stocks of both varieties.

Malling™ Allure (EM 2157)
Late season, 12-14 days after Malling™ Centenary
High % Class 1, averaged >90% in trials
Excellent fruit quality, similar to Malling™ Centenary
Large fruit size, average 68% >35mm in trials
Averaged >950 g/plant main crop yield
Very attractive, conical shape

Malling™ Champion (EMR 564)
High % Class 1 yield.
Averaged 935 g/plant & 88% Class 1 in trials
Regular conical shaped berries
Show excellent firmness and shelf life
Large fruit size, average 62% >35mm in trials
Resistant to crown rot & verticillium wilt
Moderate resistance to powdery mildew.