Application Forms

Application form for entry of stocks into FPCS

To enter stocks into FPCS/PHPS through the NSA, please use the following application forms or request an on-line form from the NSA (

Fragaria / Rubus / Ribes
Top Fruit

One application form should be completed for each field / tunnel / glasshouse.

All applications must be accompanied by a field plan.

Propagators entering the majority of their stocks into the FPCS/PHPS are also permitted to enter their CAC grade stocks through the NSA.

Fees: The NSA invoice FPCS/PHPS administration charges at the year-end to applicants/growers using the schemes APHA invoice applicants/growers for FPCS inspection charges through the season. Soil and/or plant sampling charges are also invoiced through the season. APHA fees are available on the APHA website

Application for Soil Sampling for Virus Vector Nematodes

In order to comply with the requirements of FPCS, soil sampling for virus vector nematodes is required prior to the planting and entry of material for certification in the following categories and grades:

Fragaria (Strawberries) – Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3, Basic 4
Rubus – Basic 1, Basic 2
Ribes – Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3
Prunus Mother Trees – Basic 1, Basic 2
Prunus Rootstocks – Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3
Hops – Elite PLB’s (remain under PHPS)

Please refer to the APHA FPCS regulations (

To apply for soil sampling through the NSA, please complete a Soil Sampling Application form and submit to the NSA with an accompanying field plan or request an on-line form from the NSA at

Application Form:  Soil Sampling for virus vector nematodes

Application for Soil Sampling for Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN)

The EC PCN Directive (2007/33/EC) specifies that the production of Fragaria planting material (not seeds) grown in soil or growing media containing soil must be assessed against certain criteria to determine if an official pre-planting soil test for PCN is necessary.

For planting material to be produced from mother crops planted after July 2010, growers should work through the DEFRA checklist on the application form or obtainable from the APHA web site (, if you are uncertain on any points please consult your local PHSI.

Application Form: Soil Sampling for PCN