The NSA launched their new website in July 2018. The site has been re-designed by High Profile to provide an easily accessible, user friendly and informative window into the services we provide. Whether you are looking for variety testing, an FPCS application form, access to the FPCS register of certificated stocks or just want to know who we are, please take time to explore our new site.

This year the NSA has introduced the Pre-basic maintenance of Raspberry at its Park Farm site in Kent. This is an exciting new venture for the company which has tested and maintained Strawberry varieties at Nuclear Stock and now Pre-basic health grade since 1953.

Propagators require access to stock of the highest health to start production each year, being able to offer our members and customers the highest health raspberry stocks alongside strawberry is something we are very pleased to be able to provide.  The same care, attention and hygiene standards are being used on raspberry to maintain and multiply stocks to meet the requirements for certification

To enter a new raspberry variety or order high health stock please contact the NSA at:

Malling™ Champion and Malling™ Allure are two new varieties that have entered the NSA at Pre-basic this year. They were bred by the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club (EMSBC) based at NIAB-EMR in Kent.

Malling™ Allure is a late season, June-bearing variety, producing fruit of similar high quality to Malling™ Centenary.

Malling™ Champion is a disease resistant everbearer, with compact plants producing well displayed and easy to pick fruit. Malling™

Malling™ Allure and Malling™ Champion are scheduled to be officially launched at Fruit Focus in 2019 and licensed propagators are currently building up stocks of both varieties.

Malling™ Allure (EM 2157)
Late season, 12-14 days after Malling™ Centenary
High % Class 1, averaged >90% in trials
Excellent fruit quality, similar to Malling™ Centenary
Large fruit size, average 68% >35mm in trials
Averaged >950 g/plant main crop yield
Very attractive, conical shape

Malling™ Champion (EMR 564)
High % Class 1 yield.
Averaged 935 g/plant & 88% Class 1 in trials
Regular conical shaped berries
Show excellent firmness and shelf life
Large fruit size, average 62% >35mm in trials
Resistant to crown rot & verticillium wilt
Moderate resistance to powdery mildew.